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Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive, Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the long-term challenges facing public sector funding and financial sustainability up to 2030
  • Assessing the impact of Brexit on investment, decision making and growth and how the public sector may respond to these changes
  • Evaluating the growing demand and costs connected with local government services and social care provision
  • Discussing the outlook for the Treasury’s forthcoming Spending Review and the implications for departmental allocations, as well as ‘unprotected’ spending areas

Paul Johnson, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies (invited)

  • Making the case for why Balance Sheet Management matters in a world of growing service demands and tightening funding pressures
  • Examining how Balance Sheet Management can release previously untapped resources to improve public services and the sustainability of public finances
  • Exploring how to make more effective use of public sector assets (including under-recorded and under-exploited knowledge assets) and how to manage exposure to public sector liabilities (using the contingent liability framework as an example)
  • Sharing insights from HM Treasury’s Balance Sheet Review

Olivia Halliday, Head of Balance Sheet Management, HM Treasury (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the evolving funding arrangements for local government since 2010 and the key financial pressure points now facing the sector
  • Analysing how effectively local authorities can deliver existing statutory services and understanding where there are challenges to the sustainability of service provision
  • Evaluating the scale of growing service demands on local authorities and the steps being taken to support services within the context of reduced funding
  • Examining the risks of overspends and dwindling reserves in threatening long-term sustainability of statutory services and local government budgets

Abdool Kara, Executive Leader, National Audit Office (NAO) (CONFIRMED)

* Please note that from 11am the Conference will split into dedicated streams for Local Government and Central Government

*Programme subject to change