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Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive, Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) (CONFIRMED)

  • Exploring the evolving funding arrangements for local government since 2010 and the key financial pressure points now facing the sector
  • Analysing how effectively local authorities can deliver existing statutory services and understanding where there are challenges to the sustainability of service provision
  • Evaluating the scale of growing service demands on local authorities and the steps being taken to support services within the context of reduced funding
  • Examining the risks of overspends and dwindling reserves in threatening long-term sustainability of statutory services and local government budgets

Abdool Kara, Executive Leader, National Audit Office (NAO) (CONFIRMED)

  • Making the case for why Balance Sheet Management matters in a world of growing service demands and tightening funding pressures
  • Examining how Balance Sheet Management can release previously untapped resources to improve public services and the sustainability of public finances
  • Exploring how to make more effective use of public sector assets (including under-recorded and under-exploited knowledge assets) and how to manage exposure to public sector liabilities (using the contingent liability framework as an example)
  • Sharing insights from HM Treasury’s Balance Sheet Review

Olivia Halliday, Head of Balance Sheet Management, HM Treasury (CONFIRMED)

  • A brief look at best practice and guidance for risk management across the public sector
  • Exploring how actuaries can help with risk management and where we fit in
  • Sharing insights from the actuarial profession on risk management best practices
  • Examining how the Government Actuary’s Department have helped our clients with managing contingent liabilities, from airline insolvencies to disaster risk financing

Colin Wilson, Former President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Deputy Government Actuary, Government Actuary’s Department (CONFIRMED)

  • Assessing the challenges for local government including the ongoing implications of the rising demands on local government
  • Evaluating the progress made on business rates retention and the Fair Funding Review
  • Looking towards the Spending Review and what may be in store for local authorities
  • Exploring the future of local government finance settlements beyond 2020 and the core challenges around supporting long term funding sustainability

Nicola Morton, Head of Local Government Finance, Local Government Association (LGA) (CONFIRMED)

This interactive discussion is a valuable opportunity to engage in a broad public sector wide discussion on innovations and insights which can support enhanced financial performance and controls.

Led by our conference chair, come armed with your thoughts, questions and ideas for your peers as the Conference opens up to your experiences.

  • Assess the key causes and pressures pushing local authorities towards budget gaps
  • Understand how local authorities can manage the growing demand facing children’s services and adult social care
  • Explore how councils can improve their resilience to funding shortages and ensure the maintenance of reserves

Janice Gotts, Deputy City Treasurer, Manchester City Council (CONFIRMED)

  • Analysing the significant developments in driving the effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of public services since 2010
  • Understanding the key pressure points facing local authorities and the challenges in ensuring robust service provision
  • Exploring future solutions on taxation, commercialisation, technology and efficiency in developing financial sustainability in local government budgets
  • Embedding social value into financial decision making
  • Understanding the inequalities in local government finance and how these disparities can be addressed

Don Peebles, Head of Policy and Technical, The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) (CONFIRMED)

*Programme subject to change